Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Epsilon Euskadi - The most important Industrial Client

"Epsilon Euskadi is a Motor Racing Innovation & Technology Centre aiming to be an international reference point in its field of activity and beyond."

"Epsilon is supported by four activity columns that link to each other in a cycle and also delivering company business and social benefits independently:

  • Education
  • Design and R&D
  • Production
  • Racing Teams"

"The new Centre is equipped with the first rolling road Wind Tunnel of Spain. This extraordinary infrastructure is the support tool for aerodynamic engineering services, not only to motor sport but also for many different industries. A Super Computer – second most powerful in Spain- is also to be installed delivering high calculation capacity needed for optimizing results of simulation software and will be available for calculation time renting."

Without any doubt, Epsilon represents the most important industrial client of HPC known in the Basque Region. Just check the photos of the new facility.

Further Information:

-Epsilon Euskadi's Web Page
-Photos of the Impressive New Building