Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Online talk: Flow control in the presence of shocks

This one hour presentation was given by the director of the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics Enrique Zuazua.

Prof Zuazua who is also the scientific director was invited by prestigious NPL laboratory in the UK.

The Basque Center for Applied Mathematics is a world-class interdisciplinary research center on Applied Mathematics. The center is participating in relevant High Performance Computing projects and started operations in September 2008. It is located in Bilbao, Basque Country.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Energy and High Performance Computing Conference

In March 2012, the Basque cooperative research center, CIC Energigune, will host in Vitoria-Gasteiz the conference "Power our Future 2012". This two day conference is a perfect opportunity to visit a world class research place focused in Energy Research and also to visit the Basque Country -an historically active industry and research european hub.

One of the key areas of this centre is simulation and high performance computing in energy related areas. This talk will be a fantastic opportunity to discuss relevant aspects of the simulations with world class scientist like Bor-Yann Liaw or Petr Novak and many other leaders and corporations. "Topics will include new battery designs, emerging technologies, battery materials, power management, charging and testing systems, battery health, as well as the latest market trends affecting the industry".

The Basque Country is located in southern europe, an increasingly international research hub which is attracting world class talent. Scientific output grew by 10% in 2011 in comparison with 2010, pushed by a generous public and private funding.

CIC Energigune from Sonora Estudios on Vimeo.

Ángel Rubio Appointed External Director of Max Planck Society's Fritz Haber Institute

As indicated and covered by numerous media, Angel Rubio a top researcher based at the University of the Basque Country has been appointed external director of Max Planck.

Professor Rubio is one of Europe's biggest HPC users accessing Petaflop resources across numerous world leading research institutions. His team is based in young and attractive city of San Sebastian where the team hosts numerous computing platforms and actively develop world class scientific code. And they are hiring!

Once again, congratulations Prof Rubio!