Sunday, June 20, 2010

CFD Jobs in the Basque Country

Bravo again for the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics: this time they are looking to feel a position to develop codes for a Basque company: concretely Baltogar, 'a prestigious fan manufacturer in industrial and ventilation market'.

The requirements and application form is found here.

ps: in my opinion it is way more important to invest in people, local industry and our own codes. Secondly, is to organize the machines, data centers and optimize their cost as much as possible. Will write about this very soon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ITP and The Meaning of SuperComputing in the Gas Turbine Industry

I wanted to share today a presentation and some slides from Roque Corral a teacher in Madrid and employee for the Basque firm ITP. ITP is well known for Engineering, Research and Development, Manufacture, Assembly and Test of aeronautical engines and gas turbines. They are one of the most important HPC users in the Basque Country and I find this presentation extremely interesting.

It is also very important to extract some learning from his last slide:

  • Use of Cost-Effective Top500 class
  • Many small rather than few large simulations
  • Use of Parallelization in the standard Design Practice
  • In-house built-in machines with commodity components
  • In-house Codes
  • Use of hundreds of CPUs for Research Purposes (Thousands in USA) at Universities
  • Former WSs, before used for both Graphics (CADs, etc.) and Simulations, Today substituted by Clusters
  • Methods’ Groups Supporting End-Designers
  • The Technology is “In and Out” there but it is Difficult to Market at Large Scale !!!
Here are the slides and I have embedded an upload of the video:

Roque Corral -ITP and Supercomputing from infobasque on Vimeo.