Friday, April 29, 2011

Mountain Bike and Outdoors - Why should your HPC project be in the Basque

The Basque country offers incredible MTB opportunities for everyone! Beautiful landscapes between the greenest mountains covered in Oak trees and other local varieties and the beautiful Cantabric sea. In the Basque you can cycle and have a swim on the sea after work and finish your day having an amazing dinner at the local towns.

The following video is from a local company suited for non spanish speakers which organizes MTB routes, hiking routes and cultural trips around the gorgeous Basque landscape. If your team is into outdoors activities, the Basque Country is the place!

More Mountain Biking Videos


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More on Jobs: Seniors, Postdocs and Phds on Computational Jobs

Some of them are ERC calls. Areas of expertise:

• Analysis of Partial Differential Equations
• Waves in continuous and discrete media
• Numerical analysis
• Optimal design and control problems
• Applications in Aerodynamics
• Data Mining
• Statistics and Applied Probability
• Financial Mathematics
• Partial Differential Equations, Numerics and Control (PDE)
• Computational Mathematics(CM)
• Network Design,Analysis and Optimization (NET)
• Calculus of Variations and Elasticity (CVE)
• Mathematical Biology and Molecular Simulation(MBMS)

In the Basque country's center for Mathematics.

All the information and application details here (follow the link do not email me!).

top500 bubble burst

The bubble is bursting, that is for sure. We are facing a tremendous downturn. Governments are making cuts and cuts. And I shall remember that many countries in very difficult situations have stop announcing new speed improvements/new machines/etc.

It makes sense. Jack Dongarra states that he would not like to make policy based on only one number. He is right. Unfortunately much of the spanish science policy has been exactly that: THAT number for the last years and for a lot of another number : €s. That policy in which infrastructure accumulation equals science output. That childish behaviour in which more high--end and future computing commodities mean better. That kiddies behaviour by which I have more I rule my micro-world. Probably FALSE. Probably it is a cultural problem rather than a rigorous science policy.

This is exactly the point that is different on the Basque Science and Industry System -IMHO. The Basque Country is using HPC in a more modest and strategic way. That is a way that is not in the lists, and it does not mind.

Ey! but that is my humble opinion. Worst case is 'someone' will 'pull some strings' to knock this 'stupid' blog-writer down. If they are not ready to read this, then they are not ready to dictate science. I feel sorry that other regions in Spain have wasted my taxes on more rather than better.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Computer Scientist at ESS-Bilbao

the CV's have to be sent to

Full job description here.

The Computing group at the ESS-Bilbao Centre is currently looking for an engineer/scientist to collaborate in the development and maintenance of its computer and network facilities.

Preferred training and knowledge

Computer/Electronic Engineering or Physics degree.

Desirable skills

Experience in UNIX-like operating systems and their administration.

Experience in e-mail and world wide web services design and administration.

Experience in high-performance computing networks administration.

Experience in interfacing software to hardware and GUI development.

Experience in database operation and software development.

Good spoken and written English.