Monday, December 21, 2009

Why should it be Lemoniz (the Data Centre) (beta)

0- Because the place needs to be rebuilt, and accommodated as a shared space with the Basque citizines and victims of terrorism: this along with a natural reconversion of the space taken to the sea and the enhancement of Basque human progress is the best end the our society needs. Walled spaces are not something we should be proud of.

And on top of that my technical reasons:

1- Because it is a very safe place (physical): the main buildings (the reactors) are strong large and extremely safe caves that are even prepared for external impacts.
2- Because companies are interested in safe places: to host the datacenter.
3- Because caves could be rebuilt from the inside: warranting an intelligent design and reducing the amount of columns.
4- Because we need to consolidate, protect and run our computing resources to the fullest according with the latest technology and in terms of efficiency and performance.


-This centre and its infrastructure should be created with the agreement with the Government in Madrid, owned by Government in the Basque Country, and in partnership with industry, research and universities in the Basque Country. Lack of any of this factors would mean total failure. On the contrary, social partnership at all levels would be an unprecedented success.

And all this comes from this story.

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