Thursday, December 30, 2010

Basque founded Elecnor - An Engineering Success

Elecnor SA (Electrificaciones del Norte - literally Northen Electrification Works) was founded on 6 June 1958 and it was headquartered in Bilbao (Rodriguez Arias road) before moving to Madrid.

It is a complete unknown for the press, silent but extremely effective engineering firm that counts with direct foreign investment. However the chairman's -Mr. Fernando Azaola Arteche- roots are basque and much of the basque origins still remains as Economy and Finance, and Human Resources are still headquartered in Bilbao.

The Elecnor Group has many subsidiaries: "Elecnor, S.A. is the head of a group of subsidiaries engaging in various business activities which compose, together with it, the ELECNOR Group".

Elecnor's most impressive achievement is nowadays the "successful placement in orbit of the Deimos-1 satellite, Europe’s first, totally private Earth observation satellite.". Pedro Duque -first Spanish astronaut- is the General Director.

Elecnor is a founder member of the Basque Energy Cluster, headquartered in the Basque Country.

More information can be found on their annual report:

Elecnor Annual Report 2009

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