Wednesday, April 27, 2011

top500 bubble burst

The bubble is bursting, that is for sure. We are facing a tremendous downturn. Governments are making cuts and cuts. And I shall remember that many countries in very difficult situations have stop announcing new speed improvements/new machines/etc.

It makes sense. Jack Dongarra states that he would not like to make policy based on only one number. He is right. Unfortunately much of the spanish science policy has been exactly that: THAT number for the last years and for a lot of another number : €s. That policy in which infrastructure accumulation equals science output. That childish behaviour in which more high--end and future computing commodities mean better. That kiddies behaviour by which I have more I rule my micro-world. Probably FALSE. Probably it is a cultural problem rather than a rigorous science policy.

This is exactly the point that is different on the Basque Science and Industry System -IMHO. The Basque Country is using HPC in a more modest and strategic way. That is a way that is not in the lists, and it does not mind.

Ey! but that is my humble opinion. Worst case is 'someone' will 'pull some strings' to knock this 'stupid' blog-writer down. If they are not ready to read this, then they are not ready to dictate science. I feel sorry that other regions in Spain have wasted my taxes on more rather than better.

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