Monday, May 30, 2011

50m€ Venture Capital for Energy Startups

Gamesa, a basque Wind energy firm, has recently launched a corporate venture capital fund.

The 6 key areas for this fund are:

  • wave (converting tidal currents and waves into energy);
  • next generation photovoltaic energy (converting the sun's photonic energy into electricity);
  • energy storage designed to guarantee high-quality supply;
  • green mobility (electric vehicles);
  • energy efficiency (maximising energy use while minimising consumption);
  • and off-grid (small renewable generation units that are not connected to power grids, for use in remote locations).

Further information, please contact Gamesa site.

Gamesa received the visits of president Obama in 2008 and recently in April 2011. Here is the white house video of the last visit:

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