Monday, December 15, 2008

Future To Desing a Strategy (Part 1)

The city of Bilbao, in the Basque Region, is the Spanish Candidate for the European Spallation Source Project;

Similar projects in the World ranging from CERN to smaller size ones like the UK based ISIS Spallation Source, need the use of advanced computing facilities to process data after experimental results are completed.

If Bilbao wins, the Spanish Government and the Regional Basque Government will have to decide if the already existing National Supercomputing Center in Barcelona will support their necessities creating a local small department to support the users at the ESS-Bilbao. Other scenarios would be the ESS-Bilbao hosting their own machines close to the Spallation Source, or even the creation of a basque agency to support this and many other industrial/research authorities in the area -mostly related to the vast industrial application of the ESS; this last case could once more help to unify expenses, enhance the human workforce on HPC at the Basque region, and last but not least facilitate the coding activities to the users as it is expected that the next machine hosted in Barcelona will make use of the very difficult to program CELL architecture unless an easy work around is found before.

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