Thursday, March 25, 2010


When having drinks with my work-fellas we always come to the same question: HPC centers or Science/Industry labs with HPC resources.

The unexistence of either does not mean the unexistance of the other.

What is more appropriate ?

We naturally lead the conversation to US specialized labs: LLNL, Oak Ridge, and other sound names. It seems normal to see HPC resources and research in there.

If we look at HPC centres and specially in the newly-iesh ones, there is always a tremendous lack of the science itself. But they are ruled by scientist and try to do science, however the machine is the excuse. So ... what ?

From my point of view both perspectives could work. And both have their own problematic. I think it is more about the willingness first of the governments, to create such centres with clear objectives, under clear scientific policies with long term ambitious goals. Second of the managers: unfortunately public sector always suffers from this problem.

My point of view, is that if you want to start servicing HPC you need to operate like one of the big private ones: operations, project management, service, availability and excel in expertise. Here I see clearly MSc in Ops Management, Comp Sci, Telco, Data Centre and MBA specifically in telecom. I dont see any science there.

The challenge, the x to solve, is ... how do we mix that with science ? and industry ? any relevant example ?

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