Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Advances in Wave Energy Converters (and its close relation to Data Centers)

We already talked about Biscay Marine Energy Project and its very close relation to Lemóniz Nuclear Power Plant. We also discussed how this source of green energy could be highly beneficial to revitalizate the plant and activate a data center to serve Basque and International industry and host computing resources for HPC. We also argued why should it be Lemoniz.

Some of these entries already attracted a bit of attention, however I want to explain today my findings regarding this very interesting source of energy and the deep impact in the idea of having a data center in Lemoniz.

The first is this document, that highlights the creation of a data centre to manage an offshore Wave Energy Converters farm that would be built next to Lemoniz. From a computational perspective, this requires a mathematical challenge. Tecnalia Energy, who seems to be already involved in this project seems to be working on these and other topics. It is unknown for me if another engineering firms are doing any development. However and as we exposed in the Iberdrola Engineering case, it seems that a computing cluster could be beneficial to simulate and predict the wave behavior, so that they can protect the equipment and improve energy. Fair enough. I bet the Euskalmet guys would also be very interesting.

However today is this other document called 'bimep(Biscay Marine Energy Platform): an open sea test facility in the Basque Country ' that also attracts my attention. The project that has been presented at the European Union, says that it will be operating by mid-2011. Great news. Licensing works are in progress and my hope is that engineering works will do their best too. At least none can deny the local authorities interest.

All this leads to my opinion, that Lemoniz can still be a successful modern data center that makes use of renewable energies. Lets hope for the best.

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