Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cambridge Judge Education and Google in the Basque Country

If you are planning to relocate your company or develop a career in business, the Basque Country can help you benefit from a perfect business education environment. Deusto Business School offers a program in Executive Business Innovation in conjunction with Cambridge Judge.
Deusto Business School is a renowned business school, and Google was visiting last week, to hire some of its graduates.

"In today´s global economy, where there is a continuous accelerating speed of change, there is no continuity without constant renewal. Innovation has become a key organizational capability for business success, through developing current businesses or creating new enterprises from existing ones.

The Executive Master in Business Innovation (MBI) from Deusto Business School has been specially designed to provide a unique experience that will boost you and your organisation´s creativity and enhance innovation capabilities. It will provide a space for reflection to reconsider the taken-for-granted managerial assumptions from traditional business programmes."

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