Friday, January 16, 2009

Industries To Benefit (Part I)

Silverspace Animation Studios is a very small computer animation studios based in Vitoria-Gasteiz´s technological park. They have written and develop a short, called "Perpetuum Mobile" that has been selected to be nominated to the Oscars; they will know if they finally are the next 22nd of January 2009.

After listening to a speech given by one of its founders, Enrique Garcia, it is clear that Silverspace as a company needs a lot of computing power and electricity to be able to render -in competence with other studios like Pixar- enough and getting as much quality as possible. As himself explains they had to reduce timing as their rendering server was always full to edit the 10 minutes short.

The infrastructure provided by a public funded entity could support and enhance its activity and would be vital for their industrial activity and for the development of a fostering computer animation industry in the region. Companies could benefit from lower costs of electricity and hardware and could make use of powerful, secured and professionally managed infrastructure to develop industrial projects in an area like animation. I am pretty sure that Silverspace would thank a reduction in the electricty bill if they want to grow-up and more people to manage a probably growin IT infrastructure. Specially now, that they probably have a reduced staff team, and that after the nomination will probably have to increase.

The Basque Region has another reason to manage a computing center, not only to serve science, but also provide secure computing force, safely and supporting vital industrial projects. It is the future.

All the best of luck to Silverspace!

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