Sunday, January 18, 2009

Maths: A Head To Drive It All

Maths are the key core of Industry and therefore HPC. The Basque Center for Applied Mathematics has been created in 2008 and is directed by prestigious Enrique Zuazua:

"The scientific program is structured in several research areas covering various fields of Applied Mathematics: Partial Differential Equations and Control Theory, Multiphysics Numerical Simulations, Mathematical Biology, the Calculus of Variations and Material Sciences, Financial Mathematics and the Modelling and Mathematical Analysis of Networks, among others. The scientific policiy of the center is agreed with an international Scientific Committee."

Therefore the center has its own resources -presently 32 Quad Core nodes as seen here. It is vital for their research and what is more, it is a center focused on supporting industry. BCAM will have an evolving computing infrastructure and electricity bill to pay and will need more staff to support the infrastructure and provide world-class computing services to its key core research.

A unified center for the Basque area could add the separate effords and bills of this and other research centers in the Basque building an energy efficient and strongly secured center focusing its activity on Industry in which the Basque Region is one of the most powerful regions in Europe. It is time to think what to do.

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