Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cerfacs as a reference

I would like to thank Prof. Enrique Zuazua from the BCAMATH. The acclaimed maths professor has -during a recent conference- named Cerfacs as an example for the Basque Country.

I totally agree with his point of view: it is time to build our own Software, our own research. An HPC center is not build upon the pieces of the rest: these centers are made to CREATE. An HPC center will never go far if they only thing about TOP500.

I think there are great chances for creating such center in here (based on a public-private status) and promoting the local research in our industry by proposing them challenges, and excellence in education as Prof Enrique explained. For instance, our industry is based on mechanics, therefore perhaps the Basque could in parallel develop integrated solutions for datacentres.

One more time, a big round of applause for Prof Zuazua.

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