Thursday, February 18, 2010

i2Basque, the Natural Coordinator

And I say this becoz this is the aim of Josu Aramberri who has been leading and coordinating this academic network project for the last period.

Josu and his excellent team have deployed a powerful and extremely valuable network using high end Juniper components that connect practically the total amount of centers and companies in the science, research and education sphere in the Basque.

They also provide High End Computing resources: a newest called gt3, the old gt, and the development one ft.

Although they seem to be used it is not clear by whom: it is most probably used by certain researchers in the academic arena like the Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics.

From my point of view their role is critical and of an incredible value for our system. Nonetheless, having said this, my point of view is that i2Basque should be granted more power to coordinate all the spread high end machines that are growing in the area. My point of view is that they have good and well linked personnel to help HPC projects grow. I would rather enable these guys to turn themselves into a CIC centre and start doing and transferring research and technology.

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