Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ikerlan and Simulation

The IKERLAN Technology research centre is a private non-profit making entity with a public service vocation, created in 1974 at the initiative of a group of companies and entities which today form part of the MONDRAGON Corporation.

Within their extensive and excel career we can identify at least the use of CFD simulation softwares for the Microsystems laboratory. Concretely the following softwares:

Design and simulation: Multiphysics finite elements simulation with:
  • Ansys Multiphysics.
  • CFD-ACE+
  • Fluid simulation with Fluent.
  • Optical simulation with Alcatel OlympiOs
  • Mask design with Alcatel Odin.
  • Encapsulation design with ProEngineer.
The following video explains and shows the centre, and it is in English.

Perhaps more computing resources, coordinated would let them scale and do fine grain simulations, and obtain more accurate resources. But for that we need to coordinate our computing resources.

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