Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Labein-Tecnalia goes away to compute

Labein Tecnalia, very soon Tecnalia, created not long ago NANOC the centre for Nanomaterials Applications in construction. Here they work with CSIC the Spanish National Research Council.

It is very interesting that these guys are working on high performance materials for construction. However they need to use other people's high performance computing resources to do so.

Having a look at CESGA's annual report, these partners have been calculating on the Galician centre's resources for the 2007-2009 period and I believe that possible during 2010 as well.

Some quick numbers:

-They used 673,861 cpu hours (2007-2009 period)
-Assuming their codes used around 128 cpus (lets say SIESTA code, but I do not know them so I have to pick one :) )
-This means 219 days in 3 years or 73 days per year.

Now, my opinion: I do not know these guys, but I wonder, having as we have resources here and probably sometimes misused, and assuming the Tecnalia and the local universities work together in certain projects: why dont they finally team up to excel in the hardware/software management (at least) ?

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