Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Angel Rubio goes away to compute

Professor Angel Rubio has been actively using resources from the Spanish Supercomputing Network. His group activities are "focused on the field of theory and modelling of electronic and structural properties in condensed matter and on developing novel theoretical tools and computational codes to investigate the electronic response of solids and nanostructures to external electromagnetic fields."

Some numbers:

-In 2006: at least 40k hours
-In 2007: at least 90k hours
-In 2008: at least 150k hours
-In 2009: at least 600k + (450k + 450k) hours
-In 2010: at least 400k + 180k hours

Total of 2360k cpu / hours only in this network.

We could easily assume that he will mostly run jobs of 128 cores size (to develop and use advance computational codes).

That is to say, Angel Rubio used 18437 hours in the last three years for his average job size. 768 days or 2 complete years.

This is indeed a lot.

Seeing this, seeing the importance on his work and how well he does it, perhaps we should consider upgrade our resources, and again, as I always say, build and manage a shared infrastructure with all the basque science network members: why do it separately ? It is more expensive, it does not scale well and the data centres are under several risks due to their size and sometimes quality.

What is more, our business could improve their products significantly if they shared such facility.

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